Judy Griffin
[ Founder of Write Angles ]


Demand for your services is only the first step to business freedom.

You have to know the clients you love to work with and charge them for your value.


Judy is a corporate communications trainer. She’s been running her business for more than 15 years. And in light of recent shifts in corporate transparency, her training is more in demand than ever before.

Despite demand, Judy was facing two big problems when we met.

  1. An outdated website and brand that didn’t reflect she was "keeping up" with the times.
  2. A toxic client accounting for at least 80% of her yearly revenue (if not more).


We gave Judy's brand a fresh color palette and modern design.




Then we gave her website a design and layout overhaul.

The goal for Judy's website is to serve as an informational resource for referrals. She wants potential clients to contact her from the site. To achieve this, we decided it was important  to immediately showcase how Judy serves her clients. So we created a menu that reflects what she offers and a landing page for each service.




Judy also hired me to bring her training materials on brand.



After her Elevate package, I started consulting with Judy to:

  • Tap into her network to identify new potential clients.
  • Refine her sales process with new clients.
  • Evaluate the cost of opportunity as new clients hired her.

Together, we have:

  • Increased her client base by at least 8 quality clients.
  • Grew her annual revenue by at least 30% year over year.
  • Refined her sales and follow-up processes to save time and effort.
  • Created new tools & resources to boost her trainings’ relevance in today's corporate environment.


 The best part? Judy's business now operates on her terms.

Plus she is making more money than ever before each year, even with her investment in consulting with Blue Elephant Creative.


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