Lisa Yee
[ Founder of Experience Your Extraordinary ]


It’s difficult to express yourself when working alone on your brand + website.

DIY has its place, but not when it comes to communicating your highest value to potential clients.


Lisa is an intuitive coach/guide and creator of the Soul Prompts™ card deck. She started by DIYing her business. But soon, she realized that if she was going to reach a bigger audience, she needed help. We partnered for her brand + website, and did a lot of work around her positioning as well.


Lisa was facing two big problems when we met:

  1. A website and brand that fell short of what she knew it could be for her business.
  2. A chaotic presence that left her and clients feeling scattered.


We gave Lisa's business a new name, logo and color palette with soul.






Then we gave her a website that took clients on a soul-filled journey.

The goal for Lisa’s website was to feel as though you were stepping into her living room. We thought about where her best potential clients were emotionally when they connected with her. And we created a structure on her website that supported them.






    Lisa also hired me to design the second iteration of her core product, Soul Prompts™.






    After her Elevate package, Lisa had:

    • Solidified her brand’s feeling and created visual consistency.
    • A way for Lisa to continue her love of DIY without losing her identity.
    • Fostered stronger relationships with her clients through a branded Facebook group and email marketing.
    • Sold out two test launches of her core product. Now for sale here.

    The best part? Lisa's realized the vision for her business.

    Plus, she is now launching her card decks to people around the US and Canada. Dreams really can come true!


    Ready to realize your vision in business? Let’s connect personally and talk about it!