Jeff Stern
[ Founder of Capacibility ]


The transition from employee to owner is never an easy one.

Overthinking the branding of "YOU" can often keep you churning.


Jeff is a marketing strategist and capacity builder for big-name brands. He spent 23 years doing this work as an executive level employee. He loved the work, but saw a huge gap for teams between strategy and execution.

Despite his marketing background, Jeff faced two big challenges when we met.

  1. A resolve to settle for "good enough" in his visual identity.
  2. Too much available time for "thinking" about his business.

Jeff was very clear on his value, but unsure how to best communicate it to potential clients. He decided to trust the process of my Elevate package and we got to work.


We started with a refresh of his logo concept.

He'd invested a lot of time in the development of the idea before working with me. I asked him to let me present some new concepts that spun off of his original design. Now his logo matches the level of experience and professionalism Jeff delivers to his clients.






Next we worked on his website design.

Jeff didn't have an existing website, so we started from scratch. One of the most important elements to the design was communicating the complexity of Jeff's work. We worked hard to create visuals that were quick and easy to understand.

Website Design


Graphic Design



Elevate gave Jeff the kick he needed to launch his new business.

  • He got a thinking partner to help refine ideas.
  • He clarified how he serves clients.
  • He refined the visual identity for his business.
  • He now has a clear direction for moving forward. 


Ready to Elevate your business with a collaborative thinking partner for your business?