Barbara Govednik
[ Founder of 4.23 Communication ]


Writing content for your business is hard.

From blog posts to follow-up emails, there is so much to write.


Barbara is a content strategist. She's been helping companies create on-brand content for many years. Recently, she's shifted her business. There is a need among solo entrepreneurs to create massive amounts of content. And like me, most of us are avoiding it like the plague. OR WORSE (according to Barbara) - hiring someone else to be the "voice" of our business.


When we met, Barbara was avoiding her worst nightmare: her website.

  1. The design wasn't resonating with the approach and style Barbara infuses into her work.
  2. She was struggling to find a collaborator that understood her and had the skills to create a website design that reflected her personality and company.


We started by refreshing her logo design and changing the name of her company.

The name came from her birthday (which she shares with Shakespeare of all blokes!). She had been going by 4-2-3 (Four-Two-Three) Communication. I encouraged her to embrace her company's namesake and go by 4-23 (Four-Twenty-Three) Communication.






Next we created a website design that reflected her & her work in a more resonating way.

The first thing I noticed about Barbara was the complexity and nuance she brought to her work. She works diligently with her clients to boost their writing creativity and clarity. It's amazing to watch her work. I wanted to create a website design for her that was a bit unexpected but also refined and elegant poetry in motion. Much like her. :)






After her Elevate package, Barbara had:

  • A brand + website that resonate with her and clients.
  • Marked a big, annoying "TO-DO" off her list.
  • Found clarity around her service offerings.
  • Started moving her business forward with new opportunity.
  • Excitedly presents her business in a much bigger way.


Are you ready to run and present your business in a bigger way?