I thought I just built websites.

I mean, that’s what I did throughout my 15-year corporate marketing career, so why wouldn’t that be my focus when I started Blue Elephant Creative?


As I worked with more and more entrepreneurs, I came to realize that what I offer is so much more than “just a website.”


I see you + your business in a way that no one else has before. I listen closely & ask questions that get us both to the heart of what you're creating in the world. In only three weeks, we peel back layer by layer to reach the pure soul of your business then weave that into a brand + website.

I’ve had many clients say they’ve never felt so naked in life before because of this process.

It can seem big & scary to get so exposed when all you thought you were looking for is a brand + website. The truth is there are thousands who can give you “just a brand + website.” What I promise to deliver is an end result that will make you happier than anything that ever came before. It will connect you with your best clients in ways that are deeper & more meaningful while helping you build a stronger, more profitable business.

We do this through a custom-designed process that is part marketing + part psychology & sociology + part my genuine mission in life. The end result is an absolutely true reflection of you & the work you do in the world.

I’m not here to build my own ego or win industry awards. I’m not here to follow your instructions & churn out an end result.

I want to dive deep with you & come out on the other side with something completely unexpected but totally “right” in a way nothing has ever been before for you. I will challenge you along the way, and we’ll also have loads of fun + laughter throughout the process.

It’s like going clothes shopping with your best friend — hard to find the right fit, but when it all comes together . . . you look absolutely amazing!


For me, this work we do together is about reflecting your business vision in all its raw honesty so that your best people don’t even question that they’ve found the “right” person for them.