Sometimes, the hardest thing about owning a business is deciding what the next right step will be.

The Envision Mastermind will help you solve that problem. 


The beauty of Envision is. . .

that it brings you together with eight like-minded entrepreneurs to focus, receive guidance & support each other around a specific topic in your business.


May 2017 Envision Mastermind Topic:

Growing Repeat Business with Existing Customers

Do you have "one and done" clients in your business? Are you wondering what other services or products they would be willing to buy from you?

If you're stuck wondering how to get more business from existing clients, this Envision Mastermind is for you.

We'll work together over the course of the day to uncover your true value, create packages that clearly communicate that value & set a fair price for the value present in your services.



Each Envision mastermind is guided by Stephanie Cottrell, founder of Blue Elephant Creative. It includes:


Clarity Workbook

A place for your thoughts & big ideas as the session unfolds. It includes worksheets + resources to help guide your thinking.

Small Group Vortex

With (up to) eight other entrepreneurs helping you work through the tough stuff, you’ll feel completely understood & supported.

Focused Strategy

You’ve got one day to get it done. There’s power in limitation & you’ll feel more confidence than ever before armed with a plan of action at the end.

Business Consulting

During each session, you’ll be able to ask Steph & other group members the really tough questions for  insights, ideas + clarity.


Private Virtual Meeting Room

We’ll connect via a private virtual space on Zoom. You'll join (up to) eight like-minded entrepreneurs & get to know each other better.

Ongoing Q & A

After the session is over, you’ll have access to Steph via email for follow-up questions as you put your Envision plan into action.

Event Recording

Every member of the Envision group will receive a video recording of the sessions to revisit as needed after the event.



The Envision session ends by setting accountability with each other to help support you in taking action moving forward.




So if you’re ready to leave “stuck” in the dust and quickly move forward in your business, join us for the next Envision Mastermind.

April 19, 2017

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I wish there was a bigger word than THANK YOU!!! I have worked with so many people (business coaches, web and graphic designers, etc.) that were expensive and provided little direction, insight or help. YOU my dear have been absolutely amazing!!! Above and beyond my greatest hopes. I’m so relieved and thrilled with this new vision and direction we are going in! Just THANK YOU!
— Aymey, Soulful Strength Summit
Stephanie listened to our vision, generously answered questions and always guided us with her competent expertise.
— Jane, Solutionary Insights